Corporate Films

Broadcast TV

Event Production

All we need to start the ball rolling is an idea of what you’re trying to achieve and a rough idea of your budget. We’ll prepare a written proposal and outline a budget which will form the basis of the production.

The production consists of four phases:

MLMedia Planning a shoot


Moray will come and meet with you to talk through your exact requirements. I’ll then go away and work-up an outline shooting script with all the content that’s needed to be filmed. This will be sent back to you for review and feedback. Once you are happy with the content, we move onto the planning of the filming day/s. At this stage we are confirming your locations, site meetings/recces, agreeing the filming schedule, booking interviewees, producing Risk Assessments and booking any resources which may be required for the filming process.

Green Screen Filming


And action! Filming days can be one of the expensive parts of any production. However, depending on your budget we can also use our network of competent self-shooting directors which can reduce costs. Back at our planning stage we would have identified the most appropriate and cost effective way to record all your content. While in some situations a camera and sound operator is the best option. A good shoot should be well planned and structured to produce all the material that’s needed. We also try to make the whole experience good fun for all involved. That’s a wrap.

MLMedia putting the finishing touches to a film


Clients rarely see this part of the process, although they are very welcome to. This is when all the raw material (or ‘rushes’) are logged, ingested and edited. Graphics, including name strap lines and music are added; as is the voice-over should one be needed. However, before we spend too much on the finishing touches we always provide clients with an early viewing copy to ensure the film is ticking all right the boxes. By arrangement we can attend your offices, if it’s more convenient, to edit and undertake the final touches to your film.

Job Done


Before we upload the final film, or author it to DVD, we always ensure the client is happy. We always provide a link to a preview site where the final version/s of the film can be viewed.

We also understand that no two projects are the same. The possibilities are endless, and we pride ourselves being able to offer advice and creative solutions for each of the projects we undertake. We only work with people who have the right experience and understanding of the latest technology within the broadcast industry. Everyone who works for MLMedia is a broadcast professional with numerous TV credits to their name.